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Briana, Louisiana

Lost 62 Pounds (in 7 months)!

Briana had just given birth to her second child and needed something fast and efficient that would fit into her lifestyle and also deliver amazing results in a short period of time.

"I gained about 60 pounds – you can't blame that on baby weight, that's donuts. The TreadClimber is just easy. I used it for 30 minutes 3 times a week and saw great results."


Ryan, Michigan

Lost 86 Pounds (in 6 months)!

Most people think all construction workers are in great shape. Unfortunately for Ryan, being overweight made everyday at work a struggle and he frequently found himself out of breathe. Knowing he needed a change, he looked to the TreadClimber.

"I wasn't the happy chubby guy at all. Not every construction guy's in great shape. A lot of people are very proud of what I've done. They want to know where my other half went – that other part of me isn't coming back."


Carla, California

Lost 71 Pounds (in 9 months)!

A military stay-at-home mom, Carla didn't have time to go to the gym. However, after gradually gaining weight over time she was feeling sluggish and didn't have the energy to keep up with her children. That's where the TreadClimber came in.

"The TreadClimber was different. It was in my home. It was quick. I just walked. I just feel so free, I feel like I'm living again."


Stacey, Iowa

Lost 90 Pounds (in 7 months)!

Stacey could literally feel her health slipping as she needed to take naps to keep up with her children. She was tired of getting up every day and feeling tired, so she decided to take back control of her life.

"You just get on it, turn it on and walk. You have results almost instantly. People are saying I look good, people are telling me I'm pretty. This is a life change for me, it's part of me now."


Karlyle, Nevada

Lost 35 Pounds (in 4 months)!

Karlyle is like any other kid. She wanted to run around with her friends and just have fun. However, she struggled with weight throughout her childhood, was out-of-breath when playing tag, unable to do cartwheels or fit into clothes her friends were wearing. Then she got on her mom's TreadClimber...

"The weight fell off quickly – it was unbelievable. My hard work paid off! I'm a lot happier. There are so many kids that struggle with [weight], but there are no stories that say you can do this. Well, you can do this. You have to chase your dreams; you can't wait for them to come to you."


Guy, Nevada

Lost 60 Pounds (in 5 months)!

Upon retiring, Guy felt his athletic past slipping and his sedentary lifestyle taking over his body. He knew he wanted more for his life but just didn't know what could possibly work for him now that he let himself get so overweight. He saw a TreadClimber® commercial and the rest was history.

"I couldn't walk to the end of the block and I knew I needed something that would be low impact. So I got on the TreadClimber and in two weeks I literally turned my life around. I think anyone can do it. I feel like I'm 20 years old again."


Colleen, North Carolina

Lost 110 Pounds!

Colleen struggled with weight loss her entire life and felt embarrassed for her daughters. After spending ten long years trying to lose weight and get healthy, she was ready to give up – that was until her husband ordered the TreadClimber. He knew she enjoyed walking, and that the TreadClimber would be a fantastic walking workout for her.

"My daughters came to me and said they really want me to get healthy and I wanted to be better for them. In just 10 months I lost 110 lbs. That's a whole another person!"


Elizabeth, Florida

Lost 68 Pounds!

Lizzy was overweight her whole life and she continued to gain weight at a greater rate during college. She always felt bound to her size and resorted to the idea that she'd need surgery one day to fit into a mini dress. She knew she needed to make exercise part of her mission to get in shape.

"I tried every diet, every fad every craze and I plateaued where running and eating healthy wasn't enough. After working on a TreadClimber I finally found the key. I lost 68 lbs, in just 11 months! I'm only 26 and wanted to wear a mini dress and I can, now. It's been a life change."


Shelly, Kentucky

Lost 40 Pounds (in 4 months)!

A busy single mom with two young children, Shelly needed a workout that would get her living healthier in the convenience of her own home. When she first got the TreadClimber, she was blown away of how invigorating and easy the workout was. She was able to burn 500 calories in just 30 minutes, melting the fat and inches away.

"It's just amazing. It's so easy on your joints and I just kept feeling more energetic. At 38 years old I feel better than I did in my 20's."


Anthony, Nebraska

Lost 35 Pounds!

As a former college basketball athlete, Anthony was used to an active lifestyle. However, once he got busy with a family and full time job, he no longer had time to hit the gym. Once he hit 245 pounds, he knew it was time to take control of his weight and ordered the TreadClimber machine.

"I'm dunking balls instead of doughnuts. The kids are saying dad's a more energetic dad who always wants to play around. I feel like a new man!"


Jennifer, Idaho

Lost 50 Pounds!

With a full-time job and a son to take care of, Jennifer simply didn't have the energy or time to go to the gym. After pounds starting to accumulate and her health started slipping, she looked to a Bowflex® TreadClimber® machine for an ultra-effective, at-home workout.

"Being a single mom, the last thing I wanted to do was go spend another hour or two in the gym. First time in my life I feel like I've actually found something that works. I lost 50 pounds from working out on the TreadClimber! This machine is a miracle."


Danielle, California

Lost 73 Pounds!

Danielle struggled with her weight throughout her entire life. Tired of simply being content with her size, she saw a TreadClimber® commercial one night and said enough is enough.

"I always had this skinny me in my head and I wanted to try to be that person. I lost 73 pounds. The person I was before - I want to shake her and say you could have changed your life way earlier."


Matt, Texas

Lost 45 Pounds!

Matt was always athletic and fit, especially when he worked out twice a day to train for soccer in college. Once he got out of school, started a new job and got married, he put on weight faster than he could possibly imagine. To get his body and confidence back Matt looked to a Bowflex® TreadClimber® machine. Two workouts a day are now a thing of the past.

"Before I lost the weight the first thing that entered a room was my gut - now it's my chest. I lost 45 pounds and I feel fantastic. The TreadClimber got my body back to where I was in college."


Tricia, Ohio

Lost 88 Pounds!

After two pregnancies and developing gestational diabetes, Tricia couldn't find a single workout or piece of exercise equipment that could work. She almost gave up trying until she convinced her husband to buy one more thing for her: a Bowflex® TreadClimber® cardio machine. She was blown away with her results.

"I tried a lot of other equipment. Nothing worked like the TreadClimber did. I'm now smaller than I was pre-pregnancy. 88 pounds - that's a lot of weight!"


Kathy, California

Lost 26 Pounds!

Kathy wanted to set an example for her family and not let her age stand in the way of being in the best shape of her life.

"I'm 65 years old. I want something that's easy on my joints. I lost 26 pounds (with a TreadClimber) and I feel better now than I did when I was younger."



Lost 30 Pounds!

As a mother with an active family and full time job, April needed something easy that she could fit into her busy schedule. After doing some research online, she chose Bowflex.

"I went from a size 12 to a size two. I lost 30 pounds in four months...and all I had to do was walk. I'm just an average ordinary mother and wife. If I can do it anyone can!"



Lost 65 Pounds!

After having twins, Sherri found herself at 195 pounds. With two other children already at home and her husband deployed to Afghanistan, she decided it was time to buckle down, get her life organized, and get back into shape and feeling good. Sherri ordered a TreadClimber® machine and lost 65 pounds!

"Every morning after the older kids go off to school and the twins are down for a nap, I jump on my TreadClimber® machine. I feel fit, healthy, energized and I love that I fit back into clothes I was wearing the weekend I met my husband."



Lost 100 Pounds!

After high school, Nick got a job traveling to industrial plants for weeks on end so there was a lot of eating out and not getting any physical activity. He ended up going from 190 lbs in high school to more than 300 lbs. His blood pressure was through the roof.

"[My TreadClimber®] has changed my life considerably, I no longer have high blood pressure and I'm confident in myself. I have had the best work year of my life! My wife and kids are proud of me and I love life again."



Lost Over 160 Pounds!

"One night I was up late watching TV, and saw the advertisement for the Bowflex® TreadClimber® machine but didn't pay much first. Finally, I woke up and asked myself "What have I got to lose?" It was the best investment I have ever made!"

Susan has been using the TreadClimber® machine three times a week along with a regular diet. She has lost over 160 lbs! She went from a size 4X to a size 14!



Lost 116 Pounds!

After being overweight most of his adult life, Paul decided it was finally time to try his TreadClimber® machine and see if it was possible to see his toes again before the age of 50.

Working out on the TreadClimber for only 30 minutes a day, Paul lost a total of 116 in 9 months! He can see his toes again! "It's incredible to lose 116 pounds, I never thought I could. And I owe it all to Bowflex."



Lost Over 75 Pounds!

Falon watched the commercial, and liked that she heard the machine was "low impact". Her husband told her "You should try it!" Well Falon did and got amazing results.

"The best thing about the TreadClimber® machine is that all you have to do is walk and it gives you amazing results. I have lost over 75 pounds in four months. I went from a size 18 to a size 6-8."



Lost 50 Pounds!

Owning a TreadClimber® means saying goodbye to quick fixes and diet fads: "I've kept the weight off for two whole years."

Stacey originally bought a TreadClimber® to get ready for her wedding day. "Within the first couple of weeks I started to lose inches... that's when you get really happy. I lost 50 pounds in three months using the TreadClimber."



Lost 150 Pounds!

"I have been overweight for as long as I can remember. Once I started college, I began to gain more weight and it was getting out of control. I knew I was big and I began to feel like maybe I was getting too big... I was tired of being fat and didn't want to die at an early age because of my lifestyle choices."

"I lost 150 pounds in such a short period of time. All of my friends are like, 'how did you do it?'"



Lost 36 Pounds!

Family? Check. Full time job? Check. A spunky 'go get 'em' attitude and the willpower to do anything she sets her mind to? You had better believe it. At 4' 11", J.D. knew that it was harder for her to lose weight than her some of her taller friends, so instead of doing twice the work, she opted for the machine that burns up to 3x the calories.

"I went from a size 14 to a size six [and] I lost 36 pounds! I wasn't even this small in high school. No more double-digit sized pants!"